REVIEW: Inglot HD Foundation

inglot hd

Hi guys,

This past month has been a bit of a build up really to my cousins wedding so i was trying out lots of fun products in the run up to it both for myself, and for the bridesmaids id be working on that day. My biggest investigation was into foundations that will last all day and not have any flashback in pictures because i didnt want anyone to look like a ghost!!

I invested first of all in Armani luminous silk foundation and it was amazing (it was what i ended up using on the day due to my inglot delivery not arriving). I then decided i needed to have HD foundations in my kit for bridal work. I started looking into Makeup Forever HD but their irish store never had it in stock and their website is even worse!! I was sick of ringing them constantly so i decided to look to Inglot since theyve always been great value products.

My friend and fellow MUA Emma had bought it and said it was amazing so i decided to bite the bullet. I ordered numbers 73 and 76 to begin with to see how it would work with paler skin and tanned skin. I rang inglot as i ordered it on a wednesday, to see would it be there on the Friday before the wedding and i was assured it would be, but sadly it was the monday before i got it!!


Anyway, they arrived and i cracked into them straight away. I had tan on from the weekend so i tried the 76 and it was perfect match for the tan. This is a full coverage foundation so its not for the faint hearted. I am a full coverage fan so i loved it!! It also lasted a full day at work on me which is unheard of even with the Armani one!! I got compliments from clients on my make up and everything so i was delighted. I will still repurchase my Armani one because i love the finish it gives but ill be layering it on top of this for nights out! The finish the Inglot one leaves isnt matte but it isnt dewy either i cant really describe it but i would say it would suit all skin types due to this finish!

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The only down size i think of this foundation and all Inglot foundations would be the packaging because its quite cheap but the product inside is definitely not!! I would say look past the packaging and get on board with the INGLOT love!! Its also a bargain at 33euro 🙂 and less if youre a beautician or makeup artist and get your 20% off.

So i hope this was of some help and im going to try and get a video up soon of a get ready with me with this foundation so keep an eye on the youtube channel below!!!




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