Im BAAAAACKKKK!!! Top 5 Snapchat people to follow :)


Hey Guys,

Ive definitely been awol lately and i apologise for that but im back in business!! This post is a bit light hearted to get me back into the swing of things!!

I have had a major obsession with snapchat lately and especially since im partial to an oul selfie or two ;). I have been following some great beauty bloggers and i had to share with you guys who my favourite ones are!!

So lets get stuck in!!


1. Desi Perkins – @desiperkins

Ok so i have a major major girl crush on Desi and i think if you follow her on any of her social media platforms youre gonna have the same crush!! Shes a beauty blogger based in America who does flawless tutorials on YouTube that will make you envious of her perfect skin!! She is also a part of the infamous Ipsy brand so you will see an odd ipsy brag every now and then but its not obnoxious at all!! Her Snapchat stories are funny and include her (gorgeous) husband and her adorable dog in them. She gives you a glimpse into her personal life, which i will admit ive major jealousy of, and also a behind the scenes look at her filming process. Every now and then you will see some of the other Ipsy girls such as Chrisspy and Lustrelux which is nice too!! I would highly recommend her for the follow she wont disappoint and she wont sicken you with a 1000second story or anything!!!


2. Pippa O’Connor- @pippa.oconnor

Now for a home grown follow!! Pippa is one of those women that women want to be and men want to be with!! She seems ot have a great life and has the most envious job going!! She was and as far as i am aware still is, a model and is always flawless in her snapchat stories. You will be envious of her purcahses that she sometimes shows but i think most of all you will die at how cute her litle son is!! He features heavily in her snapchat story and you wont regret a follow for that reason as hes really funny too!! Pippa is so down to earth and comes across as the nicest girl ever and im glad i followed her so give her a wee follow there!!


3. Manny MUA – @mannymua

So Manny is another youtube beauty blogger and you wont be disappointed byt this follow. Manny is hilairous and his makeup is always on point. You will get a look into his life and how humbled he is by the reception hes been receving in the beauty community lately which is so cute. And if youre lucky youll see some of the big hitters of the youtube beauty community such as jaclyn hill, patrick starr and marlena of the makeupgeek fame!! Manny is trying to bust through the the stigma of male makeup artists on youtube and is doing a bomb job at this and has shown some skills that some of the biggest female names in the industry could only dream of!! i hope to one day be as fabulous a makeup artist as he is but for now i just stalk him across all his social media lol come join me!!!


4. Tati Westbrook – @tatiwestbrook

Ok so Tati is yet another beauty youtuber (im sure you can see a pattern here). She is one of the nicest girls ever on youtube and i know i say that as if i know her but you can just tell!! Theres no heirs and graces about her shes straight up with you on what she likes and doesnt like, she will tell you the truth if a product is shite even if shes paying paid to do so which i love!!! This is why when i saw her snapchat name i had to follow her! She gives you little snippets in her and her fiances life and of course adorable little puka shell her dog. Shes another one who you will be jealous of but you wont begrudge her because shes so fricken nice!!! get following her on snapchat and if youve any sense get watching her videos on youtube too!!


5. Inglot ireland – @inglotireland

So this one is definitely a guilty pleasure. Get following this account on snapchat for sneak peeks behind their classes in all their stores around the country and also for updates on new products. I’ve found myself looking at this on nights out which is terrible cause i should be enjoying my time out but i cant help it!! These girls in the stores around the country are hella talented and you will be beyond jealous of their looks they create!! But be warned you wil be out of pocket alot of money when they show you what they used to create the looks!!

So i hope you liked my little run down of my favourite snapchats and i hope you enjoy them as much as i do!! i’ll have a mroe beauty related post up later this week and be back to my old ways soon enough!!!

Dont forget to follow me on snapchat also @beautyxfi and ill make sure to snapchat more often if you do!!




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