High end haul

hi guys

I went a bit crazy lately and bought a lot of bits for both my kit and myself from brown Thomas and inglot. Realistically I probably can’t afford them but I had to have them!! Let’s get stuck in!!

So I’ll start with my bits from brown Thomas!! I logged on jus to buy foundation but ended up spending a lot more.

Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation

This is my holy grail foundation for nights out as it’s got a lovely finish and lasts all night. The shade I bought was shade 6 and it’s lovely for when I’ve got tan on. It’s got a dewy finish so I wouldn’t go near this if you’ve very oily skin.

Chanel tan de Chanel

This is a cream bronzer and it’s the mother of all cream bronzers!!! It has a lovely finish and makes you look like you’ve a beautiful glow to the skin. You need so little of it too it’s gonna last forever!!

Charlotte tilbury lip liner in pillow talk

This lip liner is beautiful! It’s a lovely nude colour that makes your lips look pouty and beautiful like you’ve had them done which is what I wanted. I will say it’s super awkward to sharpen but maybe that’s a ruse to get you to buy their sharpener?? Either way it does exactly what it says on the tin and it can change the shape of your lips!

Mac brush cleanser

This is something I didn’t wanna buy for a long time because I refuse to think it’s any different than washing with baby shampoo but I decided to bite the bullet! I haven’t tried it yet as I’m using up my baby shampoo first but I’ll do a brush cleaning video soon to show you guys how I got on!


Next was inglot which I absolutely love but the only downside is the delivery company they use seem to deliver at 6:30am in my area and I miss them every time! So then it gets dropped off somewhere or if it’s an idiot of a driver he doesn’t ring and takes it back to Dublin!! So I’ve decided I won’t be buying online from them anymore unless it’s urgent which is a pity because they’re discount is amazing for us professionals ;)!!
I chose three pigments and they are numbers 79, 37 and 115 pigments. These are beautiful but they have a lot of fall out. I wouldn’t do your under eye before applying these or you’ll be doing a lot of clean up!! Also if you grab a bit of fix plus it’ll give them double the shine 🙂 just a little tip!!

So that’s everything I’ve gotten lately and now I’m on a spending ban until Christmas because I need to pay back my credit card asap haha

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