My Fitness Journey

fighting fit

Hi Guys,

This is a little off the beaten track for my blog considering I’m more into beauty and makeup topics, but with the fitness boom going on at the moment I decided I’d let you all in on my latest fitness journey.

So I’ll start by explaining my fitness in general. Basically, I am not fit what so ever I have never really been very fit, but when I was younger I was always skinny. My Debs dress in 6th year of school  (see below Pic) was a size 6 and it was hanging on me so, that picture is always hard to look at now. I had a boyfriend for a number of years and when we broke up I found myself at the heaviest I’ve ever been bordering on a size 16. I have since then fluctuated between a 12 and a big 14 (which I am now). I have always felt like I’m not meant to be this big especially since im only 5 foot tall.


I have trained with a number of trainers over the past year but never really clicked with any of them or my life took a down turn and typical me I didn’t want to leave the house. I recently left a horrible job and found myself getting the job I’ve always wanted as Assistant Manager of a makeup counter in Dublin. Now I have to look polished and perfect all the time for work, so I need to get my ass in gear (literally!).

I joined Fighting Fit Gym earlier this year but didn’t put my heart and soul into it because my head was somewhere else and I couldn’t get the motivation. Now I have my dream job and life seems to be getting better I want the body to match it. Last Monday I took the hard decision to walk back through those gym doors and start all over again.

I got weighed in last Sunday before I started and found out I was heavier now than I was when I had started the first time with them. Now this didn’t shock me at all because I was going through a horrible time and wasn’t leaving the house and I was eating junk. Now the other down side to this was that I now find the classes even tougher than I ever have because my fitness has taken a hit along with my waistline!

So I’m doing 4 classes a week for 12 weeks and hopefully by Christmas I will be half way to my goal size. I’m not going to say goal weight because it’s not about weight for me I don’t care if I’m 16 stone or 9 stone as long as I fit back into a size ten dress by next summer I’m happy, because I’ve numerous weddings and hen parties next year.

I think by declaring this publicly it gives me the motivation to do well and also the embarrassment if I don’t do it!!

So fingers crossed I can keep my head in the game this time and with the help of Stephen, Brandon and Chris I will be fit and happy again in no time.

Also they have a referral scheme so mention my name that I referred you and you may get a nice wee discount for their classes.

Fighting Fit Gym can be found at Blackthorn Business Park, Coes Road, Dundalk. They can be ofund on facebook and instagram by searching Fighting Fit Gym Dundalk, or call them on 0837106984.

Thanks guys!





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