Eye Brow Tutorial



Hi Guys,

Sorry ive been a bit AWOL again recently, ive had a busy time with college and my old job but im happy to say im moving on to MUCH greener pastures and will have more time to myself. So back on track then, I get asked alot in every day life about my eyebrows and how do i do them, and what i use etc etc. Its a part of my makeup i like to perfect more than anything else so i take it as a massive compliment when someone notices them.

Today im going to talk you through how i do it and what i use:

So to begin with i use Anastasia Beverley hills Dip Brow Pomade in the shade Medium Brown. I then set them with Benefit gimme brow to keep the hairs in place, and its also tinted which helps with any sparse areas even more. The brush i use is a crown brush (C158) which has an angled brush on one end and a little spooley on the other which is very important for blending out the colour through the brow.

6140011   eyebrow brushbenefit-gimme-brow

eyebrow before

Step 1:

Firstly i always like to brush the brow hairs in the direction id like them to face, so brush them up and outwards to the tail of the brow. I’ll then dip my brush into the pomade and wipe it off the sides because youll always have too much with this stuff. I then draw a fine line where i want the base of my brow to be (shown in the photo below), and make sure you use a light hand as this stuff can make you look like you painted your brows on if youre not careful.




Step 2:

I then starte filling in the middle to the tail of the brow slowly and lightly. I also draw another line at the top of the brow similar to the one i drew first. I do this until ive enough pigment in the brow and still not touching the front of the brow. If youre not so sure about where youre arch should be then take a make up brush and hold it from the side of your nostril up towards your temple and this will show you were it should arch. brow arch

eyebrow5 eyebrow4

Step 3:

I then take whatever is left on the brush and flick it through the front of the brow as this area should always be lighter than the rest of the brow. It should be a kind fo gradient effect to make it look more natural. I then throw in my benefit gimme brow to keep it all in place.I know some of youa re probably thinking this isnt natural at all but believe me this is natural compared to what i see all the time in my work.

eyebrow 2

And below is a photo of my all made up with full make up so you can see how they turn out in the end. I love doing my brows and i know these arent for everybody but if you like this look then try it for yourself and tag me in any photos on instagram using the hashtag #beautyxfi.

I sometimes carve out the brows with concealer when im feeling like they need a little tidy up or if im between waxes.


I hope this was of some help to you all nd cant wait to see your go at it :




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