Bioderma launching in Ireland June 2015


Hi guys,

I am very excited to tell you that Bioderma has landed on our shores as of this month!!! This cult french brand is huge in the US and Canada and i got my first taste of its fabulousness when i lived in Canada. I had seen Fleur from Fleur De Force Youtube Channel talk about how amazing it is and how gentle it is for all skin types. I went out and grabbed a little travel size bottle of the micellar water she had been using in the video, as i didnt want to part with $30 for the full size one in case it wasnt great. The little travel size was only $6 and lasted me about 3 weeks so bargain!!

It was amazing at removing my makeup, it cut right through it even stubborn mascara. I was looking for anything to help my skin as when i moved to Canada i found my skin went mental due to the climate or maybe chemicals in the water or stress or something!! I had breakouts and my skin had changed from dry to combination nearly over night when i arrived. I found that this helped balance out my skin and clean it deep down to the dirt and makeup clogging my pores.

The brand has a range that targets redness prone skins which will be what the irish skins here will be after, and its known as Sensibio. There is a range for acne prone or oily skin known as sebium. Lastly, Atoderm which is for dry and atopic skin on the body. They will also have a suncare line known as Photoderm. Now ive only tried their micellar water so far but with it being €11.50 for 250ml here in ireland ill be getting it again as thats alot cheaper than the $30 dollars it was in Canada.

I would say get out and try as much of this as you can as its created to help target skin care issues and not for its scent and packaging!! Im gonna run out straight away and get he micellar water again!!!

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